Earn Extra Income Right From Your Home!


Because it hurts to not be there for the moments that matter!

Baby and Sunshine is embarking on a journey to start a movement giving moms all over the country the opportunity to take more control over their income and spend more time with their loved ones.

How It Works

  • Carry Inventory: Stock a range of our store’s popular items right in your home.
  • Fulfill Orders: Ship orders to customers close to your area. We provide all shipping materials, all you do is pack and ship each order with your personal touch.
  • Earn Commission: Get 10% commission for each order that is successfully shipped and delivered.

🌟 Affiliate Bonus: Earn an additional 10% for every customer you refer to our store. That’s a whopping 20% commission if you refer a customer AND fulfill their order!

A message from our founder

I've been the main provider for my family for a while now and I'm realizing all of the moments away from my children are adding up in a way that I wish I can change. Depending on others to care for my children the way I want is an unfair expectation on others. A mother knows best. I know my child with eczema needs a specific regimen of care. I know what to say to help my child not misbehave or throw tantrums. I know what they will eat and what they will not at certain times. Coming home to your child having broken out all over her face and knowing you'll need to drop her off again the next day... finding out from a few days away that your children haven't gotten proper hygiene... these things add up and kills a mother's heart by a thousand cuts. I think most mothers are the same as me. And we just want to be given the opportunity to be there and do the things that we know best. All while not jeopardizing needed income for the family.

If this message resonates with you, I hope you'll join this movement as a participant or as a customer or please help me spread the word. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Benefits for participants

  • Extra Income: Supplement your family’s income right from your home.
  • Flexible Hours: Choose your own hours, fulfil orders on your own time.
  • Family Time: Spend more time watching your kids grow up, and less time commuting to a job.

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Benefits for customers

  • Faster Delivery: Orders fulfilled closer to home mean faster shipping.
  • Support Moms: Your orders contribute to our movement supporting moms working from home.
  • Special Touch: Each order is carefully packed by a local mom with love.
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Requirements for Participants

  • Clean Space: Must have a pest-free, clean, insulated space kept at room temperature.
  • Quick Turnaround: Fulfill orders within 24 hours of receiving shipping details.
  • Attention to Detail: Each order must be packed with utmost care and include a special thank you note to the customer.

Do you have a store and wants to add your products to our movement?

Join as a vendor!

Do you have a business and believes in our movement?

Join as a vendor to our marketplace and we will help you coordinate inventory management and fulfillment of orders with our mom participants.

Support our movement by adding your products into our pool of products that customers can order and our participants can fulfill to earn commission.

Benefits to join as a vendor:

  • Have one of our mom participants fulfill orders for you.
  • Have another marketplace to market your products and increase your customer-base.
  • Support moms to earn income from home giving them the opportunity to be there for the moments that matter!

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Together, we can make homes happier and communities stronger! 💪🏼💖