Pay it Forward 2023 is a charitable giving program designed by Baby and Sunshine to provide gifts to moms with new babies.

There are many giving programs out there, what makes Baby and Sunshine giving special is the quality of the products that we carry.

When you give a care package gift from Baby and Sunshine, you know that the mom you are gifting to will be receiving the most wonderful high quality products to help her navigate the beginnings of her baby's life.

How It Works

  • Submit a mom story: Send in applications for moms you know or for yourself to receive a mom and baby care package.
  • Our sales help us cover the cost: With each sale that the store makes, the proceeds go into covering the shipping and product costs for each free box we ship out.
  • We ship out joy: Each mom will get a large surprise care package from Baby and Sunshine! All items in each box are covered free of charge from Baby and Sunshine.

Our goal is to ship 100 care package gifts this season!

Help us ship out 100 boxes by donating to a mom story below. Thank you so much for your generosity.


Giselle's story

My journey began as a mother to a beautiful son, Ezekiel, which soon unfolded into an emotional rollercoaster. Unexpectedly pregnant again, excitement filled our hearts, but we discovered our baby girl had gastroschisis. This meant frequent doctor visits and an immediate surgery plan for her post birth. Amidst managing my own health issues and an accident involving Ezekiel, every day was a battle. The terrifying silence one night led to the heartbreaking revelation that our baby girl's heart had stopped beating at 32 weeks. Grief wrapped our lives, but hope blossomed again with a subsequent pregnancy, though fear loomed large. The arrival of our rainbow baby, Ellianna Rebeca-Nahrae, symbolizes a painful yet resilient journey of motherhood, laced with indelible memories of our first daughter, Nasyah Ivy Rae, and boundless love for both our girls.

Angel's story

Since I met Angel, life has thrown numerous challenges her way, testing her resilience every step of the way. A remarkable woman, Angel faced a heartbreaking loss during her unexpected twin pregnancy, battling health issues including high blood pressure. Following an abusive relationship, she found herself alone, a fire having taken her home, leaving her pregnant with nowhere to turn. Fortunate intervention led her to a women's shelter, and eventually to a benefactor who provided her a new home. Through local resources, she discovered a women's center offering invaluable assistance, from baby essentials to counseling, aiding her transition into a more stable phase of life. Now, expecting again and on a path of healing from past trauma, Angel exemplifies unwavering strength despite life's adversities. Her journey, filled with the grace of newfound support and a brighter outlook, not only marks her as a supermom but as an epitome of hope and perseverance, making us immensely proud and grateful for her presence in our lives.

--submitted by Shiloh

Rae's story

Rae is a resilient mother, fiercely loving her one-year-old daughter while eagerly anticipating the arrival of her second child at 30 weeks pregnant. Despite facing financial challenges and navigating the ups and downs of life, including managing gestational diabetes and battling pregnancy-related depression, Rae's spirit remains unbroken. Her dedication to providing the best for her children shines through every obstacle she faces. As she navigates this challenging chapter, Rae seeks support from kind-hearted individuals to help light the way for families in similar situations. A gesture, like a newborn essentials box, would not only alleviate some of Rae's concerns but also serve as a beacon of hope, reminding her of the kindness in the world. Let's come together and be that ray of light for Rae and many like her. Thank you!

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Mimi chose to keep her story private.


Sarah's story

From the day we became friends, Sarah's dreams were always beautifully simple: a loving family and a baby to call her own. Her journey to motherhood, however, was anything but straightforward. After numerous challenges, she was blessed with little Leo. But, just when things should have been their brightest, fate threw her another curveball. Her partner lost his job, and their savings quickly dwindled, trying to cover both household expenses and baby essentials. While Sarah never asked for help, I saw the weariness in her eyes when we chatted, even as she lovingly cradled Leo. With her unwavering spirit, she'd make do with whatever she had, but every baby's giggle, every coo, made me realize how much a care package would mean to her. It wouldn't just be about the supplies but a gesture to show her that her community stands by her, through thick and thin.

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Melissa's story

I've known Melissa for years, and her strength has always been something I admired. Recently, she entered motherhood, embracing her sweet baby Clara. I remember our visits, seeing Melissa's eyes light up with love despite the shadows of hardship she faced. She had lost her job just before Clara was born and had to navigate this new chapter with limited resources and distant family support. I'd often walk with her, observing as she'd linger at store windows, gazing longingly at baby essentials, her mind clearly racing through her tight budget. Still, every time she looked at Clara, her determination was evident. As friends and neighbors, we realized that Melissa, with her unwavering spirit and infectious smile, was the perfect recipient for a care package that could offer some relief in her new journey as a mom.

--submitted by Cindy

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Jen chose to keep her story private.


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