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Hi, I'm Jeremiah, and I have two beautiful girls still in diapers. I'm a former Marine. Pregnancy and postpartum was an incredibly rough journey for my wife and for me. We've been through quite a bit, as a couple, and we want to create something that brings happiness to new parents and supports small shops along the way.

The mission is to bring a mini baby shower in a box full of happiness to your doorstep every month. We try and fill each box with quality adorable items that you can use daily and some to be cherished memories such as beautiful mama-handmade items.

In addition to shipping out happiness, we understand, first hand, the pain a parent goes through when they have to choose between spending more time with baby or put food on the table; so we have an ongoing initiative to support small mom and pop shops that makes beautiful baby items. We look for shops of moms and dads who have their business at home, so they can be able to do BOTH - spend time with their babies AND put food on the table. 


We have a variety of items in our store, but our most popular item is the Mom and Baby Subscription Box.

What makes this box so awesome is that each box is personalized to each mom and baby based on the survey you fill out. In each box, you get a variety of quality daily use items, some are handmade by mamas we support.

We make it a mission to carry functional items such as footed onesies, and soft fabrics for babies such as organic cotton, bamboo, cashmere, etc. For moms, we look to fill the box with functional and stylish items like pregnancy leggings and breastfeeding bras.

To make the boxes even more special, you'll often find matching mom + baby sets or matching dad + baby sets or matching family sets in adorable handmade designs either from our own shop or another mom and pop shop we support. If you have more than one baby within our size range, you can even find sibling or twinsies or triplet items in the boxes!

You get all this incredible value all in one box!

If a subscription isn't what you're looking for, check out our many other items and boxed sets in our collections!

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In order to keep the box fun, functional, and personalized to each family, we read through each personalization survey and handpick items based on your preferences. It is a meticulous and time-consuming process, but we feel it fills each box with so much more happiness when it is opened.  So your box won't be the same as your neighbor's box or your sister's box because each person's box is curated just for that mama and baby or babies.

We try to make each box more special with some items from other small shops, some are handmade items by military mamas or stay-at-home-parents. We purchase from them as much as we can to help support their business, and allow them to get one step closer to being able to make extra money for their family from home and spend more time with their babies.

In order to support other small shops, our box prices may seem higher than other mom and baby boxes you see out there. But we hope that you'll be able to feel and see the value each box brings with the variety of quality items and our effort to support small shops.

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What Else Are We Doing to Support Parents

We are hoping to build a wonderful Affiliate Program to support parents who don't have a small shop, but still have the desire to make extra income to spend more time with their babies. This program is still a work-in-progress, but some details of what we're working on are below. Let us know at the bottom of this page if you'd be interested in being a part of the program once it officially launches.

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Belong to a community

Being a mom is hard, being a working mom is even harder, not to mention being a working and breastfeeding mom. All the ups and downs we face, often we face them alone. We want to create a place where we know we are not alone, where new parent struggles are welcomed and supported - all the ups and all the downs.

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First access to products

Be a part of our unboxing parties to know all the wonderful things you can get in your box. Be introduced to new products first. Be in the know of exclusive deals that are only available to members.

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Enjoy more baby time

On top of being a part of the wonderful community, and having first access to products, enjoy the opportunity to build extra income. Earn commissions while you play with your babies and spend time with your family.

Baby and Sunshine Affiliate Program details

  • No fees to join
  • Get your own box at a discount
  • No monthly sales quota - go at your own pace
  • Get your own specific link to share
  • Earn commission on all sales from your referred customers
  • Must be a parent to join

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know you want to join

Click the link below to apply to the Affiliate Program. There are no fees to join.

Apply for the Baby and Sunshine Affiliate Program