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Hi, my name is Thao, and I am a Mom of two beautiful girls still in diapers. I am a working Mom. It breaks my heart every time I have to be away from my babies, and having to choose between making sure we have money to pay the bills and spending time with my babies. That's why I started the #SAHMenabled Movement.

My mission is to create a tight-knit community of moms supporting other moms. The vision is for all moms to have a place where they feel like they belong and share their journey with. A community that is helpful, supportive, and a joy to be a part of.

In addition to a wonderful Mom community, I want to make it fun and easy for moms to be able to create income while staying at home and spending more time with their babies. I understand, first hand, the pain a mother goes through when she has to make the decision to hold her baby or to put food on the table. Ultimately, I want to enable mothers to be able to do both - hold her baby AND put food on the table! Easily, and have fun while doing it!


The Mom community comes first, then the ability to make passive income comes second.

First, in order to create a community that we can be proud of, you will need a personal invitation from one of our members to join the Facebook Group. In the group, we would have weekly virtual story sessions to highlight wonderful Mom-achievements, or fun Mom-activities, and to support those who may be struggling in their journey. It is a time for us to share, help, and support each other. This will enable us to stay strong as moms for ourselves and our families.

Secondly, to put our money where our mouth is, I want to provide a means for moms to eventually be able to be a "SAHM" and still pay the bills and put food on the table. This will be achieved through the online store -

At Baby and Sunshine, we have a variety of Mom and Baby products and we are constantly building our collections. On top of that, we are always upgrading our products to better materials and designs.

Our Subscription Box service is top notch with each box OVERSTUFFED with goodies for Mom and Baby!

We make it a mission to carry the best fabrics for babies such as organic cotton, bamboo, cashmere, etc. And to always have comfortable but also stylish fashions for moms.

So you can rest assured that when you recommend Baby and Sunshine Subscription Boxes to your friends, they are getting high quality styles at the best prices imaginable.

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In order to achieve the vision of creating a Mom community that is helpful, supportive, and a joy to be a part of, you would need a personal invitation from one of our members to join. Once you are invited, a moderator will review your application and admit you into the group.

As a part of our moms group, you have the opportunity to join in our weekly virtual conversations where we share stories and lift each other up or have fun unboxing our Subscription Boxes. From time-to-time, when Baby and Sunshine introduces new products, we may also have product reveals, just for fun. I believe, the more you participate in these activities, the more fulfillment you will find as a mom, and that is the ultimate goal.

As part of our moms group, you also have the opportunity to join the Moms Affiliate Program and work towards earning passive income.

The Moms Affiliate Program will allow moms to sign-up and earn 20% commission on any purchases from each customer they bring to Baby and Sunshine. Once Mom shares her specific link to her friend, and that friend clicks on the link to visit Baby and Sunshine's website, the system will associate that friend back to Mom, and Mom will make a 20% commission for as long as that friend purchases from Baby and Sunshine through her specific link.

Each time a mom joins the affiliate program, she will get her own Mom and Baby Super Box at the price of a Standard Box (that's $50 off!), in order to touch and feel the products, and better talk about it to her Mom friends.

To make it easy for each affiliate mom to increase her monthly commissions, I will host regular unboxing parties where each affiliate can invite potential customers to. Potential customers can have fun watching the unboxings, and ask questions about the boxes or about the subscription service.

Each affiliate mom can choose to just use these regular unboxing parties as her specific time to promote the products and "work" or she can choose to continue promoting her affiliate link outside of these sessions - you put in as much time as you feel makes sense for you, and grow your commissions at your own pace. If you feel you'll need more support, you can be partnered with another affiliate as a mentor to help you continue to grow your income.

Why Join Us

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Belong to a community

Being a mom is hard, being a working mom is even harder, not to mention being a working and breastfeeding mom. All the ups and downs we face, often we face them alone. I want to create a place where we know we are not alone, where mommy struggles are welcomed and supported - all the ups and all the downs.

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First access to products

Be a part of our unboxing parties to know all the wonderful things you can get in your box. Be introduced to new products first. Be in the know of exclusive deals that are only available to members.

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Enjoy more baby time

On top of being a part of the wonderful community, and having first access to products, enjoy the opportunity to build passive income to enable your journey towards being a Stay-at-home-Mom that also provides for her family. Earn commissions while you play with your babies and spend time with your family.

Mom Affiliate Program details

  • No fees to join
  • Get your own Super Box at $50 off
  • No monthly sales quota - go at your own pace
  • Get your own specific link to share
  • Earn 20% commission on all sales from your referred customers
  • Must be a Mom to join
  • Invitation only program

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know you want to join

Send us your email with the note "#SAHMenabled Movement" to let us know you'd like an invitation to our Stay-at-Home-MOM, Enabled Movement. There are no fees to join.