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We aim to be a wonderful and affordable place where small mom and pop businesses can go to grow their business online by selling on our website.

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Benefits of our Partner Vendor Program

Only pay when you sell

10% fee for each sale + shipping.
No other fees!

Get featured in subscription boxes

Baby and Sunshine, from time-to-time, will purchase in bulk from our vendors to feature their items in our subscription boxes!

No Website? No Problem

List as many products as you'd like on Baby and Sunshine's website, we take care of all website hosting costs, and provide you with your own collection page to share.

Our Product Range

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Our story

We struggled for many years finding ways to earn money and support our family. We saw many other parents going through the same journey looking for ways to earn extra income to support their family in whatever way they can. So when we had the opportunity to open an online business, the goal became to not just bring success to ourselves, but to help as many others along the way as we can.

Through our online store and subscription boxes, we feature many items from other small shops. We also purchase in bulk from small shops to further support, and feature these items in our subscription boxes.

If you are a mom or a dad with a wonderful product, but limited ways to grow your small homemade business, we truly hope to be that partner to help you along the way.

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How it works

Whether you already have a store that can integrate your products with ours or not, we have many ways that we can be of service!

If you already have a growing website, Baby and Sunshine can be an extra means of exposure for your brand by listing on our site as well.

Each time your item sells, you will receive an email with the order information. Once your item starts shipping we will send payment for your sold item to you via PayPal or Venmo or another method of your choice (less the 10% fee).

No website? No problem.
If you do not have a website, you can use our website to list your items. We will put all your items into one beautiful page with a link that you can share to your prospective customers.

Through a listing form, you can submit all the details you want us to include for your products; we will then copy and paste into the product page so it will say exactly what you'd like it to say.

When an order comes through, we will email you the order information, so you can fulfill the item. Once you provide a tracking number and the item begins to ship, we will send payment for your sold item to you via PayPal or Venmo or another method of your choice (less the 10% fee).

If you do not have discounted shipping, we can also email you a shipping label (we usually save about 30%-60% through our carrier accounts), and once the tracking starts shipping, we will send your payment for the sold item to you via the method of your choice (less the 10% fee and shipping cost).

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So Many Benefits!

Store service

Save on Shipping

If you are paying full price on shipping out your products. Use our shipping labels to save 30%-60%!

Store Service

Save on Advertising

We may feature your products in our advertisements to increase exposure to your brand, at no extra cost to you!

Store Service

More than one way to earn

Earn income from selling on our website, along with the chance to be featured in our boxes to earn income through bulk purchases.

Store Service

Customer Service

Since customers will be purchasing on our website, customer service will be maintained through Baby and Sunshine, which leaves you more time to create beautiful items and not have to stress about service.

Requirements to be a Partner Vendor

Fast Shipping

- For in-stock items, you must ship out within 3-5 business days of order!
- For handmade items that are not in-stock, you must ship out within 2 weeks of order!

**If you are consistently missing your shipping dates, you will be removed from the site voiding the partnership.


You must keep us informed of any product changes so we can make sure your listings are as accurate as possible. If you need help with any product issues, please let us know and we will do our best to lend assistance.

Product Flexibility

Baby and Sunshine may list items that we purchase in bulk from you in your collection and ship out from our location. So your collection may have a mix of items fulfilled by you, and others fulfilled by Baby and Sunshine.

**Proceeds from items already purchased in bulk will not be paid out.

Need help with photography? Let us know!

We have lighting and a space for product photography. Let us know if you'd like to use our photography service at $20 per product with 6 images each product.

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