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September 17, 2020 by TeenAndTotMom

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Baby And Sunshine Box

When you are pregnant or a new mom, the days all seem to run together.  Days turn into weeks and you are salvaging any bit of alone time you can get.  A main reason I am loving my new subscription service from Baby and Sunshine is how convenient they are and effortless the company makes personalizing a subscription box just for you.  This amazing company has created a personalized subscription box perfectly paired to YOU and BABY!

I have received one subscription box and I am hooked! They really took time and personalized my subscription box to my current needs!  The best part is this personalized box is delivered right to my door every month!  I was very much positively surprised by the bundle I got and the value in the box.  Everything in the jam-packed subscription box is of use to me and my current needs.  It is a great value and provides a perfect balance for the needs of mom and baby.  True amounts of thought went into making me happy and keeping relevant to my needs and wants.

It is hard to pick a favorite from my recent subscription box, but if I had to my favorite are the crossover band maternity pants.  Super cute style, color, and the crossover band is new for me and I am loving it! Usually the maternity pants I wear have a straight belly band and the crossover band helps me move around my growing belly and gives me flexibility in the midsection and bending over with the constant needs of my toddlers.  The pants have the perfect amount of stretch, I can tell these were a recommendation from moms to go in this box because they are a good fit!  And my little toddler is loving the hooded towel for bath time to help keep him warm in the changing temperature of the Minnesota weather. 

The subscription box I received also came with an adorable onesie for our new bundle coming in November.  When I filled out the questionnaire, which was brief and easy to task, I had said I was expecting a baby girl and they put something in there just for her!  I thought that was so thoughtful.  I love getting gifts for the new baby, and it was nice to have her included in the box. 

Baby and Sunshine thrives on making their customers happy and creating a box of value that you truly will use and benefit from.  They love to make life easier for you as a pregnant or new mom and promote more time with baby.  Their goal is to create boxes that you will be happy with and continue to change along with the needs of the moms.  I know as a new mom, any type of convenience factor is top on my list. 

Each baby item in the box is handpicked by this mom and dad owned small business.  Experience and thought really have a factor in creating such great boxes, because they know what parents need as parents themselves.  Knowing what works and what doesn’t work by taking the guess work out of hand picked baby products.  Especially the pants, these maternity pants included had their due diligence and weren’t just picked out of a catalog.  This pregnant body appreciates that, sometimes it is very difficult to find good pants that work so this is a major plus for me!  And I can see myself wearing these pants after baby comes during my postpartum weeks to help give some comfort and support to my changing body. 

As things change and the quick turning time goes month by month, you can change up your personalization as baby grows.  You can also change how often you get your subscription box or take my advice and subscribe to “set it and forget it” and the amazing company keeps track of the aging kiddos and your needs.   

You can also choose the type of box you want as well.  You can choose from either a mom only box, baby only box, or also go with the mom and baby box like me! After I deliver, I may go for the mom only box to give myself a bit of extra pampering, and most importantly something fun to look forward to for myself in the world of new baby. 

You can also have a pick of the standard box or the super box.  Both of great value in the contents and picked just for you and packed full of goodies! 

One of the subscription boxes I am looking forward to is the hospital essentials box.  The convenient part of these personalized boxes is they want them to work for you and be a convenience for you as a new mom.  A box shipped a month before your due date packed with the essentials you need to make your time in the hospital a little easier.  Some examples of what would be included in this special box are socks for mom and baby, nursing bras, swaddles for baby, a nursing pillow and a belly binder. 

I have been very happy with my experience and the value of the box from Baby and Sunshine.  I am looking forward to continuing my subscription with this small business because they hit all my expectations and I am very glad from the service I received.  They made it fun and have such great customer service.  I always love that about small businesses, they want their customer to be happy and give value to the products they offer.  I can’t wait for my next subscription box! A hospital essentials box is in order as we are nearing the arrival of our newest little bundle.


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